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Kale and sausage soup

Completely delicious, easy to throw together, and packed with nutrition, especially if you choose grass-fed beef and homemade chicken broth. Ingredients: 8 cups homemade chicken broth 3/4 lb. bulk Italian sausage (I used one made with grass-fed ground beef) 3 … Continue reading

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Not-Paleo Tortilla Chicken Soup

This week I’m trying something new, revolutionary even!  I’m cooking from a meal plan.  I know!  Me!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Today’s menu item was “something something crock pot.”  My challenge was to scrounge through the freezer … Continue reading

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Liquid Gold: Homemade Chicken or Beef Broth

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting some of my favorite, low-impact, high-nutrient density, go-to foods.  First up, homemade meaty broth.  These directions are so simple I don’t even think it qualifies as an actual recipe.   Homemade … Continue reading

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Marivela’s Meatball Soup (gluten-free, of course!)

We have been blessed to have THE most excellent nanny for the past 5 years, Marivela.  (Hey, no poaching!)  She takes wonderful care of all of us and keeps us together, body and soul. She and her husband Oscar have … Continue reading

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