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Taureau des Gardiens, a.k.a., slow bull, or Provencal cowboy stew

There were two tour leaders on my recent trip.  One was the author Kathleen McGowan and t he other was her dear friend Isobel Denham.  Isy has a wicked sense of humor and a musical voice.  One day we piled … Continue reading

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Bulletproof challenge: Days 6-9

Today’s brunch: Pumpkin pancakes.   Adding a little complex carb: spinach, eggs, guacamole and a little bit of purple sweet potato.  On Day 7 I did the Protein Fast…about 15-20 grams for the whole day. I also did a … Continue reading

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Beef and Mushroom Stew

It’s foggy and chilly at my house, but we’ve dodged the polar vortex. It’s beef stew weather, plain and simple. It’s also another way to take full advantage of wallet-friendly beef shanks and reap the benefits of bone both and … Continue reading

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Fun with Yuca Dough

Have you tried Predominantly Paleo’s yuca dough? I fall into middle-aged misappropriation of stale teen slang when I describe it: the BOMB! Amazeballs! Off the chain! It’s good. It’s sooooo good. This week I hit Mi Peublo grocery store and … Continue reading

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Chicken Adobo, TJ style

“Here. Make this for dinner.” Sometimes the Trader Joe’s demo meal is exactly what we need. This morning I stopped by to get coffee and some snacks, but walked out with a great dinner. As soon as we walked in, … Continue reading

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1 Recipe win, 2 fails and fatigue

I tried 2 new recipes yesterday, zucchini fritters and cheese crackers. Nothing to write home about. Bummer. The fritters look good, but they were too egg-y. Plus my chronic fatigue has shifted gears. I’m not cruising along, I’m actively fatiguing. … Continue reading

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Aji’s Chicken

My mother-in-law is from India and she’s a fantastic cook. I have tried to learn from her, but I’m a little ill at ease with cooking with a lot of spices. I just don’t have the feel for it. Something … Continue reading

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Tomatillo Chuck Roast

This is more method than recipe. I make this about once a month and portion off the leftovers for easy re-heating. It makes the best tacos and it’s perfect with mashed cauliflower. I’ve also been putting a dollop in my … Continue reading

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Book Review: Practical Paleo

My 7 regular readers may have noticed I have referred to Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo several times.  Here’s my review:  All my life I’ve been waiting for a cookbook called Jill, Make This for Dinner.  This is that book. … Continue reading

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Not-Crab Cakes and Zucchini Fries

We made it through Christmas without going too bananas on sugar. I did learn that my boys are decidedly sensitive to it and everyone is happier and life is easier (and way less dramatic) when they don’t get any. I’m … Continue reading

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