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Epsom Salts for Chlorine Detox

Q:  It’s summer and we’re swimming a lot. How to we deal with chlorine? In case you didn’t know, chlorine is not good for you.  It’s used as a disinfectant in our water supply and pools because it kills those … Continue reading

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What’s the opposite of High Times? Our trial of CBD oil

      I was not a fan of pot in college.  It reeked and the stoners I knew in college were annoying. I wish I could insert a memory Vine of my sophomore roommate in college–an incredibly bright chemistry … Continue reading

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Something fishy’s going on…

Have you ever heard of JJ Virgin?  She’s a super nutritionist/health coach/fitness expert who wrote a best selling diet book called The VIrgin Diet last year.  She is totally my kind of nutritionist: organic, soy-free, gluten-free, healthy fats, good proteins, no … Continue reading

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It’s Friday Science! Biomed 101: Oxidative Stress

With a nod and bow to Ira Flatow of NPR’s Science Friday, I want to use Fridays to pull together a little of the autism and brain-related science out there and offer a primer of sorts on the science of … Continue reading

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