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The good stuff

Three years ago, I dipped my big toe into using cannabinoids to treat my middle son’s anxiety and seizures.  We started very slowly, with an over-the-counter product derived from industrial hemp.  It seemed to help.  A little. Then I learned … Continue reading

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Restore: The gut healer we’ve been waiting for?

The bottom line reads Save 15% with coupon code TMR15 through June 30th. Get it at One of the buzziest, most exciting things to come out of Autism One, Restore is a carbon lignite supplement that — in a petri dish, … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces from Autism One 2015

The first videos are up!  You can watch videos of the presentations here. How Not to Die  by the completely badass Thinking Moms’ Revolution. I was on a panel of Moms of Recovered Kids.  I’ll put the link up as soon … Continue reading

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Could your morning cup of coffee fight Alzheimer’s?

How do you like your coffee? This is my routine: Do you drink your coffee Bulletproof® stylz? I do. Yes, I put butter in my mold-free coffee and it’s so good. SO. GOOD. Pour yourself a cup o’joe, have a … Continue reading

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New Year’s Cleanse: Get Your Gut in Shape!

It’s that time of year. Holiday weight-gain, bloat, chronic reflux slowing you down? Are you craving sweets like crazy? Time for a health re-boot! Stick out your tongue. What does it look like? Is it pink and healthy? Or scalloped … Continue reading

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Get over a cold or the flu in 2 days!*

*Well, a lot less time than doing nothing, anyway. (Click-baity enough for you?) About 10 years ago I got it into my head that I wanted to be a naturopath. I enrolled in a distance learning program, got half way … Continue reading

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Progress Check on Mama, One Year Later

This time last year I did a summary post of everything I was doing/trying/investigating in an effort to feel better.  If the starting gun to My Year of Feeling Better went off in January 2013, I was pretty much stuck … Continue reading

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