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Food and travel, food allergies, and hospital food

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to eat in a way that won’t render me incapacitated when I travel outside my little bubble of Whole Foods and safe gluten-free and Paleo-friendly restaurants. A two-night excursion to Sacramento included a … Continue reading

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Alternative to Traditional Orthodontia: The ALF Device

Because I can’t do anything mainstream. At my kiddos’ most recent dental appointment the dentist finally dropped the hammer and declared it was time for braces for Kyle, my almost-10-year-old. Specifically, he needed a butterfly or a rapid upper palatal … Continue reading

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What’s the opposite of High Times? Our trial of CBD oil

      I was not a fan of pot in college. ┬áIt reeked and the stoners I knew in college were annoying. I wish I could insert a memory Vine of my sophomore roommate in college–an incredibly bright chemistry … Continue reading

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