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ADHD/ASD: Alternative Treatments, Brain Re-Balancing

Kyle with Mozart playing in left ear only. First up: Brain re-balancing There are a lot of snarky “it’s a scam” reviews of Brain Balance out there on the interwebs. I, however, am not writing one of them. I am … Continue reading

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Briefly, what we did

What worked:— —Diet!! —Antifungals, antibiotics —Probiotics —Digestive enzymes (I tried 8 different ones!) —Antioxidants, including IV glutathione —Methyl B12 injections with folinic acid —Detoxification and chelation —Secretin IVs Cranial-sacral therapy —Nasal oxytocin spray —Traditional osteopathy —Acupuncture —Classical homeopathy —Combination homeopathy … Continue reading

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Start here: Gluten-free and casein-free diet

This is the cornerstone of my son’s recovery. This is where I started. (And this is what we still maintain with the exception once a week treat of real cheese on a GF pizza crust when we order from one … Continue reading

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