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I was on the radio!

Well, Internet radio. My new friend Candace Craw-Goldman, who I met on my Sacred France trip, hosts a BBS radio show and blog called New Earth Journey. So, this is me dipping my big toe into the media pond, talking … Continue reading

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Are you open to a new approach to healing and well being?

This is where we dip a toe into the woo part of the blog. ūüôā If I say everything is energy, what do you think of? Sunlight, electrons, E¬†= mc2, quantum physics, your gas and electric bill? I now think … Continue reading

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Restore: The gut healer we’ve been waiting for?

The bottom line¬†reads¬†Save 15% with coupon code TMR15 through June 30th. Get it at One of the buzziest, most exciting things to come out of Autism One, Restore is a carbon lignite supplement that — in a petri dish, … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces from Autism One 2015

The first videos are up! ¬†You can watch videos of the presentations here. How Not to Die¬†¬†by the completely badass Thinking Moms’ Revolution. I was on a panel of Moms of Recovered Kids. ¬†I’ll put the link up as soon … Continue reading

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Last day to get AutismOne pass for $39!!

How can you pass this up? $39!!! AutismOne Conference May 20-24 on Chicago. I also just got word that the Thinking Moms’ Revolution will be involved a little more directly…like sponsoring the karaoke lounge!

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What’s the opposite of High Times? Our trial of CBD oil

      I was not a fan of pot in college. ¬†It reeked and the stoners I knew in college were annoying. I wish I could insert a memory Vine of my sophomore roommate in college–an incredibly bright chemistry … Continue reading

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What I Learned at AutismOne

Note: I’ve got some video links to update as they get posted. ¬†They should all be up by Tuesday.   I can go all day, but not all night.¬† I turn into a pumpkin somewhere between 7pm and 9 pm. … Continue reading

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