Update on PMB Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

I’m about to cry because I dropped the ball on re-ordering and I’m going to have a lag between finishing my current bottle and receiving the new on.  Full-on ugly cry.

I started our trial by trying to replace 1-for-1 my son’s medical marijuana CBD. That didn’t work.  I was feeling frustrated, but I’d spent some bucks to try this oil out and decided to take it myself.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve tried over-the-counter hemp oil products before–maybe 4 or 5 of them.  My son’s medicinal marijuana CBD has been the most effective, followed closely by my 1:1 CBD:THC vape pen. The vape pen has more THC in it than I really like (I just don’t like THC at all) and the vapor can irritate my hair-trigger asthma, but I have found it useful for taking the edge off of a panic attack. But the down sides are 1) I don’t want to use up my son’s medicine and 2) I don’t want to use a product with THC in it if I have to drive…which, for me, is like always.

So, back to my PMB Nano Hemp Oil.  I love it.  A lot.

  1. In a week of use, the chronic, intractable eczema on my  hands cleared up 90%.  I looked down one day and “Hey! My hands look NORMAL!”  Whoa.  Endocannabinoids support the immune system. Eczema is an allergy/immune reaction.  Nano hemp helped me out, BIG TIME.
  2. My mood stabilized and improved. And not just stabilized in place so I felt less mood shifting, but it seems like my baseline has moved up.  I’m not on the precipice of depression.  I’ve stepped well back from the edge of that cliff.
  3. My resiliency to stress has improved by 1,000%.  In the past month, the following happened things happened, any one of which normally would have knocked the wind out of me and put me in bed for a couple of days. This time, I only experienced extreme fatigue from waiting at the vet until 1AM:
    • I have taken two of my children to Urgent Care–one for pneumonia, one for insanely bad eczema that looked infected, plus all the attendant follow up visits and schedule scrambling.
    • I had to take my dog to the vet Urgent Care twice–once after getting jumped and pinned by a bigger dog at the dog park and once to have a grass seed removed from her nose (anesthesia required!), this also required sitting in the lobby full of cat and dog fur for several hours.
    • we had a really good 4th of July–typically, it’s one long freak out. I’m sure my ability to stay calm helped everyone else.
    • I even noticed I was calmer when I gave my Daisy her bath yesterday. Don’t ask me why, but it usually stresses me out so much I either go eat something I shouldn’t or I go put my feet up.  This time, nothing.  Just got a clean, fluffy dog and big item checked off the to-do list.
  4. My brain fog started to clear. I’m getting my brain back! I remember more things,follow through with more things, and I’m able to plan and execute projects like re-organizing the panty.  Boring, but necessary.  I’ve had similar effects from frequent phosphatidyl choline (PTC) IVs, but the effects are short lived and it gets pricey. I attribute this to the PTC nano-liposome in the PMB Hemp oil.  Guys, even the carrier oil is therapeutic!!

So, that’s my intro month on the PrimeMyBody Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil.  I’m sticking with this stuff like white on rice. Our experience with medical marijuana CBD oil is that the benefits and healing continue over time, so I expect that to be the case with this product.

If you want to try it, please let me know.  Yes, it’s an MLM product. But please look past that. I’m glad I did (so freaking glad).

If you’re curious and want to learn more, I can have you added to a Facebook group of folks using the Nano Help Oil.  There are several families with kids with autism, adults with chronic health issues, etc.

You can order product at MagdaleneHealing.primemybody.com.

I’m also awaiting delivery of sample sizes if that’s more your speed.

In health,






About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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16 Responses to Update on PMB Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

  1. Moitreyee Chowdhury says:

    Would this work and safe for my 10-year-old girl? She has eczema in the inner elbow for years. How do you use it?

    • Jill R. says:

      Two pumps under the tongue. I give CBD to my kids and my dog. I’m confident it’s safe for your daughter. I’d be happy to talk to you about it more.

  2. noemi says:

    About how long would a bottle last if I were using it with my 7 year old?

    • Jill R. says:

      Depends on dosing. With my kids I always start low, go slow. A friend of mine is dosing her 12 year old with 2 pumps, once a day. There are 100 pumps per bottle.

  3. noemi says:

    Please do let me know when you receive the sample sizes. I live close to you and could pay cash when I pick one up.

  4. noemi says:

    Hello (a third time!)

    I’d really love to talk more with you about this, but I can’t find an email listed on your site. I live in the city and work in San Carlos, so I don’t think we’re too far from each other. If you could email me, I would be much obliged.


  5. Lina Chaisson says:

    Hi Jill, can you add me to the FB group? Thanks. Lina

  6. Vicki Germer says:

    Can i use this hemp oil in my vape?

  7. Naomi says:

    Hi Jill I have diabetes what can this oil do for me, my knees hurt my legs
    i’m sometimes stress out, I have a lot going on can this oil help me

    • Laurel Joens says:

      Does this oil help a 67 yr. old who has severe arthritis in both very flat feet? Also, low back discomfort from years of working, lifting, and pinched disc’s? The Chiropractor just recommended this type of oil. I’m not sure we have enough info. His is called PMB Hemp Oil—prime my body. Is this stuff safe and effective for someone who is on multiple medications?

      • Jill R. says:

        That’s exactly what I sell. It’s a great anti-inflammatory. I would double check with a doctor or pharmacist about the multiple medications. My son is on multiple meds and is totally fine with it. I suspect it’s working on a different system—endocannabinoid receptors.

    • Jill R. says:

      Sorry I missed this! It will definitely help with stress and inflammation in my experience. Do a Google search for more formal information like studies and medical articles.

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