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Three years ago, I dipped my big toe into using cannabinoids to treat my middle son’s anxiety and seizures.  We started very slowly, with an over-the-counter product derived from industrial hemp.  It seemed to help.  A little. Then I learned the product wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be and was processed will all kinds of junk (–cough, hexane, cough–).

It was enough of an improvement that I investigated getting a medical marijuana caregiver card. We reside in California and my son has epilepsy, one of the qualifying conditions for a caregiver card in this state.  I traveled 45 minutes to see a specific doctor in San Francisco because doctors closer to us won’t treat minors.  Then I traveled another 25-45 minutes to a specific dispensary for a specific high-ratio CBD:THC product.  It’s an expensive nosebleed of a process, but it’s been worth it.

Our experience with medical marijuana has been nothing short of miraculous.  My son’s seizures evaporated. His anxiety and fight-or-flight shrank to almost nothing.  When puberty started creeping in, we noticed a little increase in aggression, and added THC-A, unheated THC that doesn’t have the psychoactive properties but addresses anxiety and aggression.

I am a fan of whole plant medical cannabis for my middle child. However, we’re stuck inside the great state of California for the duration.  Last year, my husband tried to take Kyle out of state to visit family–with a recommended, legal-everywhere bottle of hemp oil for cannabinoid support–and it was…not good.  The fight-or-flight came roaring back. We learned the hard way that all hemp products are not created equal.

My son NEEDS cannabinoids to support his nervous system. But how do we support that if we have to travel out of state?

Then a couple of weeks ago, a possible solution presented itself.  It’s not a drug, it’s not a medicine, it’s a dietary hemp oil supplement. A new, glyphosate-free liposomal version of cannabadiol was coming on the market, PrimeMyBody NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil. A friend of mine was attending the Autism One conference.  She texted me and basically said, “When I tell you all about this product your head is going to explode!”

She wasn’t kidding! A few days later, she dropped the truth bomb on me: boy genius Chris Shade had developed the product.


Dr. Christopher Shade is a biochemist who specializes in detoxification testing and transport mechanisms–which means he is an expert of getting healthy things into cells and unhealthy things out of cells. He has developed a product that has a very small sized liposome, PrimeMyBody NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil.  The size of the liposome is really, really small–less than 100nm–so the molecules can cross the cellular membrane more easily, making it much more absorbable and bioavailable. Moreover, as a specialist in detox, he wasn’t about to use anything toxic in the production of the product.  Win-win-win.

I’m familiar with Dr Shade from previous conferences, videos, and a professional line of supplements that were highly effective in my own experience. What’s more, the liposome is phosphatidylcholine, a supplement for brain health that I absolutely LOVE.

Believe me when I tell you my geeky little biomed mom heart burst with joy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.35.35 AM

…and then I found out it was an MLM and I rolled my eyes. Hard. But I reeeeaaaalllly wanted to get my hands on it.  So I signed up as a distributor.

In 16, almost 17, years of using supplements and food to support our health, I’ve resisted signing up with MLMs.  My history is sales is…well, let’s just say I sold 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Ever.  To my mom. Thanks, Mom.

But this, the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil, changed my mind.  Because I want to have access to it and I want to make sure my people have access to it.

We just started using it.  I’m using it and I’m giving it to my son.  I’m sending a bottle to my parents and a bottle to my sister with chronic fatigue. I’m giving a bottle to my friend who has terrible migraines.  I’m sending a bottle to my friend who has Crohn’s and a son who has autism. A friend with anxiety just told me she’s ordering.

  • If you’re interested in giving it a try…
  • If you live in a state without access to legal cannabinoids…
  • If you’ve read about about supporting the nervous system with hemp…
  • If you worry about the psychoactive part of medical marijuana, but you’ve heard the cannabinoids might help inflammation…

I’ll be using this space to update my progress, share what I learn about cannabinoids, inflammation, and the endocannabinoid system. Yes, it’s my new business. Yes, I appreciate your support. But I really just want to get this into your hands so you can try it yourself.

In health,





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Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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3 Responses to The good stuff

  1. painterbarb says:

    Go for it.!

  2. Noemi says:

    I am interested, and I think we may live near each other. Please email me.

  3. Esperanza says:

    I am interested, and I think you may live near me. Please email me.

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