Are you open to a new approach to healing and well being?

Everything is Energy - Chinese Master This is where we dip a toe into the woo part of the blog. 🙂

If I say everything is energy, what do you think of? Sunlight, electrons, E = mc2, quantum physics, your gas and electric bill?

I now think about energy, emotions, connection, and healing.

I’ve known the lovely Tami Duncan, author of Vibrational Healing for Autism, virtually for several years and have had the pleasure of working with her as both a client and–briefly at Autism One–as a mentee.  Tami is a reiki master, teacher, and healer who works with subtle energies as a healing modality.


I have found energy healing to be helpful and supportive. I recently took a Reiki level 1 class and I pretty much LOVE it.  If it’s placebo, I just don’t care.  It’s just upside for me and my family.  It may help to think of it as love in action. When I start the reiki my hands get warmer. I can feel the energy starting to flow.  It’s remarkable.

If you’re curious and would like to learn more, particularly as it relates to children with autism, Tami has two online events coming up that I’d like to share with you:

On Wednesday, July 22, at 1 pm EST, Maria Rickert Hong, author of Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder, will go live with an interview she did with Tami in a webinar on Communicating with the Soul of a Child with Autism.


Tami has also just announced a 6-week online webinar course, aptly named A Course in Healing.  It starts Tuesday, July 28.


If you’re ready, you’ll know.  If you’re still reading, in between headache-inducing eye rolls, you’re almost ready. 😉 I double dog dare you to learn more.

Welcome to the woo.


About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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9 Responses to Are you open to a new approach to healing and well being?

  1. Ann says:

    Loved this article, Jill. Been a recipient of various types of energy work, first starting with Healing Touch, some 23 or so years ago. Then had an OBE with a rolfing session pre-empted by a hynosis session that shook me to the core and changed me forever. Done a lot in the energy work, Because of my OBE, I know one can change their reality through energy work; mine just happened without my conscious effort. Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Peter Levine, Donna Eden, Babara Brennan, Healing Touch, Reiki, The Healing Code, EFT, Eloisa Ramos, and the list goes on. What an incredible time we live in; if only people would put aside their skeptisism and fear, most could fly! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Julie says:

    I have been pretty interested in energy work for awhile and have started my 7 year old ASD daughter with a form a bioenergetic massage and cranio osteopathy in the last few months. As much as I wanted these modalities to have an effect on her so far I have seen nothing. In fact, after today’s osteopathic visit I’m re-evaluating whether we are going to even continue. We’ve had 4 sessions to date, two weeks apart, with no outward progress so far. We have had a terrible few months and I recently received OAT test results indicating very high yeast and oxalate numbers so now we are back on anti-fungals and starting a low oxalate diet. I have been doing bio-med, etc. for 3 1/2 years and the last few months have been like hitting a wall. Just can’t seem to make progress and not sure what to do next. Just feeling tired, depserate and frustrated : (

  3. Jill R. says:

    Have you tried energy work for yourself? The key words that tipped me off were “tired, desperate, and frustrated.” Mama might need a little TLC. Energy work my help you more than your daughter right now. It can be subtle and the effects can look like detox. Not kidding: I’ve had serious detox reactions to things as innocuous as sound therapy with tuning forks. On my big trip this summer–surrounded by reiki practitioners, hyponotherapists, spiritual adventurers–after some strong energy shifting experiences, several people on my trip ended up in bed, exhausted.

    This journey isn’t a straight line. We had several regressions and plateaus. It’s always okay to stick a pin in it, catch your breath, re-group and figure out what you need to do. For us, it always came back to gut health.

  4. Julie says:

    I have done a little bit of energy work on and off through the years. I’ve never experienced anything like detox, though. I’ve been pouring most of my energy and finances into my daughter. It’s hard to step back and just take care of myself when I’m so anxious about her. But I hear you and you are probably right ..

    We have had 8 terrible months of regression in behavior. It has just about brought all forward progress to a halt. In fact, I just came home from a hippotherapy session in which things were so bad my daughter never even made it onto the horse. We had to turn around and go home.

    As I mentioned, we did recently get test results back indicating very high yeast and oxalate levels. We are three weeks into antifungal treatment and a low oxalate diet. I see nothing changing yet. This is our 5th diet change in 3 1/2 years. School starts in two weeks and I’m praying we start seeing positive changes soon. I am beyond frustrated.

    • Jill R. says:

      Oh we’ve definitely been there! I have no solution to offer for your frustration, but deep empathy. I’d give you a hug and a glass of wine if I could. And diet was a moving target. We had to adjust to lots of food allergies and self-limiting behavior.

      Have you added activated charcoal to mop things up? It helped my kid whenever we did antifungals. I’d give it a few hours after the antifungal and away from other supplements. I’d open up a capsule and mix it in about 1/2 c of grape juice and put it in an opaque, covered cup with a straw. He wasn’t a pill swallower back then. Now, I’d try a little Zevia soda.

      A little Alka Seltzer GOLD (not the regular) is helpful as well. Hang in there. Keep me posted, please.

  5. Julie says:

    I appreciate your “virtual hug” (more than you know) and I was drinking a glass of wine when I read your post : ) In fact, I just want to thank you for writing back to me. For me, this journey is incredibly isolating. I have tried joining various groups in my area but have yet to really meet any like-minded biomed moms. It kind of blows my mind, actually. You wouldn’t believe how many moms I’ve met that haven’t even tried the GFCF diet! The only people I have really connected to so far have been online. Sad but true.

    In terms of the activated charcoal, sometimes I just don’t know when it’s appropriate to give it. I was just thinking today that this antifungal stuff doesn’t seem to be doing anything so far because nothing seems to be changing, behavior is still the same. Now I’m not sure if it’s not doing anything or if the bad behavior I’m seeing is actually die-off. The other thing that I think is difficult about the activated charcoal is finding the right time to give it. If it has to be given several hours away from the antifungals and also away from other supps there only seems to be one time of day when I could give it. Anyway, it’s just a little confusing to me ..

    • Jill R. says:

      Try the Alka Seltzer Gold first. It doesn’t absorb everything in it’s path the way AC does. My online community has saved my hide. Are you on Facebook? Friend me at Jill Donley Rege. I’ll see if I can connect you to other moms.

  6. Julie says:

    Thanks, I will try the Alka Seltzer Gold. I just went to your FB page but there was no option to friend you so I sent you a private message from there.

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