Restore: The gut healer we’ve been waiting for?


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One of the buzziest, most exciting things to come out of Autism One, Restore is a carbon lignite supplement that — in a petri dish, and according to early reports, at least — heals your gut lining by restoring cell-to-cell communication and recreating the tight junctions between cells.



And let me tell you, intestinal permeability, a.k.a. leaky gut, is at the root of a lot of chronic health problems.


This is one dose for an adult.  1 tsp 3x/day is the recommended dosage, but if you or your child is sensitive, do what I’ve learned to do over the years: start low and increase slowly.  It has very little taste to me, but a friend of mine swore a blue streak she thought it was so nasty.  My kids take it with no problems.  It tastes kind of like salty water.

Listen, if this stuff works (and it really looks like it does), we have a major game changer on our hands.  I’ve been taking it 1x day for the past 3 weeks and can definitely tell my digestion is improving.  I’m ordering more so I can get myself and my whole crew on the recommended 3x/daily dosing schedule.  Use the code TMR15 through the end of June to save 15%.

I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Zachary Bush, the creator of Restore, when he sat down with a few Thinking Moms at the conference who weren’t able to attend his talk.  He knows his stuff.  He has a background as a researcher and endocrinologist from the University of Virginia. But more than that, he gets it. He has taken all the research and clinical experience and matched it with a paradigm shift. IMG_7813

Initial reports from some of the TMR moms are very good.  VERY good.

But you NEED to watch Dr. Bush’s presentation to understand how and why this works. Dr. Bush also addresses the very specific concerns several biomed moms raised about the ingredients listed on the label that include sulphur, copper, and nickel.  Basically, this is a carbon byproduct of bacterial metabolism that is extracted from ancient topsoil.  The mineral components are naturally occurring, essentially inert, and are in the same tiny concentrations as they would be in a sweet potato.  Watch the video and all will be revealed!

Basically, you’re rebuilding the bulk of your immune system and down-regulating chronic inflammation.  It blocks the activity of zonulin, which breaks up those tight junctions.

Imagine that Zurg appears only in the presence of gluten or glyphosate and the ping pong balls are Zonulin.

Here’s the URL one more time.  I make no money on this.  Just sharing good news. Please let me know if you try it and what you think!

About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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75 Responses to Restore: The gut healer we’ve been waiting for?

  1. Ann says:

    A discussion was brought on a FB page about the lignite in Restore. Since this is a soil based product, alarm was sounded as to whether this could be injurious to one who has mold sensitivity. Since you speak of the sulfur, etc. ingredients, do you have any solid info on this concern? Can you contact Dr. Bush specifically on this topic? I appreciate your article above

    • Jill R. says:

      My understanding is the mineral components, including the sulfur, are in proportions and amounts very similar to what you’d find in a sweet potato skin. It’s mined from several thousand feet underground, so mold is probably not viable at those depths. It’s more like rock than topsoil. I can post on a private FB group, but I believe Dr Bush and the staff at Restore were completely overwhelmed by the response in the autism boomed community and have been scrambling to keep up with orders. I will keep my eyes peeled for info on mold sensitive individuals. I tolerate it well. The adverse reactions that I’ve heard or read about have been caused by sensitive individuals dosing at too high a level. Like hitting the full 3 tsp/day on day one. It’s becoming apparent that super low and super slow titration to a higher dose is best for sensitive people. And I mean LOW, his recommendation has been to start with 1-2 drops a day.

    • Jill R. says:

      OK, this is the word I got back.

      “The goal is to get to 1 teaspoon three times a day before or with meals for those over age 2, 1/4 teaspoon three times a day typical usage for under two years old. Many autistic and healthier family members simply start at these standard usage guides. For more details on the effects of mold and bacterial toxin on glutathione DNA changes, see the lecture from Christopher Shade, biochemist, at Autism One, Chicago 2015. He demonstrates how liposomal DIM can be used to speed glutathione production recovery in these mold/bacterial toxic individuals. This compound works best if held under the tongue for 1 or more minutes before swallowing. It is available at, the taste of DIM can be difficult for autistic kids to tolerate. It can speed the tolerance of higher volume of usage of the Restore, but is not a necessary adjunct in most cases.”

      Here’s the link to Dr Shade’s talk:

      Dr Bush speaks at about 1:44:00

      Here’s the link for the DIIM

  2. Ann says:

    Jill, I will copy the url above and paste it into the thread, suggesting they read my question and your replies to the topic of mold/soil. You have been a great help and your site is wonderful, as I was perusing it. Do you think a 33 year old male, who was born before the time of diagnostic code for Austism and is on the ASD, could benefit by taking Restore now? He is the son of my cousin and not long after his birth was demonstrating what, today, we classify as Autism? I am anxious to share it with his parents.They did everything possible for him but I’m guessing his function could improve even more. Thanks again

  3. ariana says:

    Hello, have you had any success with helping autoimmune skin conditions such as vitiligo. I think it has to do with bad gut after much research. My husband suffered from terrible ezcema like rash, migraines and fatigue. He was cured of those symptoms after seeing a natural doctor. But still suffers from vitiligo. Fyi after the rash disappeared that is when his pigment disappeared. Thank you

  4. Jill R. says:

    I haven’t heard of vitiligo being helped specifically. I have heard of the autoimmune protocol (AIP) version of the paleo diet. A few people have posted that going AIP has helped manage autoimmune issues.

  5. Heather Logan says:

    I would love “the cure” but I’m not sure brown coal is the best choice. We need a safety study on this!!!

  6. Todd says:

    A naturopath strongly recommended I try Restore recently for digestive health. After just a short period on it at the normal dose, I found my sleep declined significantly and this got progressively worse the longer I was on it. Also, I was having progressively worse diuresis on it. I felt like it was having significantly negative neuro-endocrine effects. Due to the increasing lack of sleep, I started to feel progressively unwell overall. Also, there was really no overall improvement in my digestion.and in some ways I felt like my bowel functioning was possibly getting worse. I stopped the product and the effects started to clear. I’d like to know what Restore does which causes these negative health effects, and I’m wondering what I could do to avoid them besides simply not using this product. It seems as though the adverse effects of Restore can be very severe.

    • Jill R. says:

      I’m sorry to hear you had such a hard time with it. I have definitely heard of both negative and positive results. I believe it stimulates the entire micro biome at first, including the bad beasties. Some kids have started at a single drop and stayed there for a long time. Healing the gut is a tricky proposition, it seems. Did you take any activated charcoal or anything to help with the die off and dybiosis, or did you just jump feet first to a full dose and keep going?

      I’ve come to believe that chronically ill people should never start at the full dose of anything. In my own experience, anything that would push liver detox–from dandelion greens or even artichoke hearts–would tip me too far. Same with my son and B vitamins. Start low, go slow.

  7. Ann says:

    I have to agree with Jill on all above. I started Restore mid July; I don’t have huge health issues. But I had a rosacea outbreak about 14 months ago and, at age 64, had never had such in my entire life. I have always had slightly pink cheeks but summer last year, 2014, of eating foods I won’t normally eat (cheese and gluten products), plus big emotional stress, brought this on. I’ve been through getting my methylation working well, do many of the right things but knew I’d created a leaky gut. So, now almost 4 months later, I sleep well, took myself off Thyroid meds, skin so moist I rarely need assistance, increased libido, more energy, flat stomach tho I am small to begin with, good BM’s. I increased my magnesium as I did slow down a bit there and felt if this is really working as it should, more enzymatic reactions are happening and perhaps more magnesium needed. I get morning sun exposure every AM, wear blue blocking glasses every night, eat real clean now, ground outside, meditate. But started at 1/8 t (about 6 drops) and was good 3 days so went to 1/4 t. Whoa. Stomach started doing somersaults. Did two days to make sure that was the culprit. Seems it was; got off entirely for two days. Then back at 2 drops; took me about 2 months to work up to the 1t/3x/day. But some have to go much slower than that. Don’t know if you’ve ever worked on health issues before so who knows what’s in you that needs detoxing. So GO LOW, GO SLOW This is powerful stuff.

  8. Douglass says:

    “Restore” is made from coal. Risky stuff. Can’t believe you just accept what the doctor says without any studies to back it up.

  9. lassesen says:

    I have asked for evidence of safety and could not find one public medical study on it, neither any patents filing. The cost to make is likely pennies. Their asking price is bizarre.

    • Jill R. says:

      Up above I did post a link to the discussion of safety testing on kidney tubules. I have no insight on their production costs and suspect you don’t either. I do know they’ve been careful about sourcing.

      I make no money from this and I am only sharing information. I met Dr Bush in May and was impressed with his knowledge and desire to help.

      I’ve heard mixed results from use. We haven’t been consistent enough for me to say aye or nay.

    • untalt says:

      Their prices make no sense, I agree. They are just trying to force people to buy the largest bottle.Makes me think Scam

      • Jill R. says:

        Why scam? It does work. And you can by the smallest version. It’s not uncommon for larger sizes to be the default. Getting a troll vibe here as well. Old article and suddenly several comments.

      • Steven says:

        No troll, there is no reason to charge so much for 8oz. Half the price of a 32 oz. bottle-does this make sense to you?

      • Jill R. says:

        It reminds me of movie theater concession prices. For a dollar more, you can get a gallon of coke!

  10. Marie says:

    The TMR15 code does not work but I found TMRallergy15 code does work

  11. Michelle Chandler says:

    I am always amazed at the lack of true research before voicing an opinion. Had to vent that sorry. Anyway – My story: I have started my entire family on this sound product and we are doing great. My 11 year twins are Autistic/Aspergers and I had breast cancer 7 years ago. I honestly don’t think I could research more then what I do and I am so very thankful for incredible human beings such as Dr. Bush. I started us all out on the 6 drops and there was no negative effects for any of us and we are now doing the 1 teaspoon once a day. I purposely waited until my children were on spring break to start because of possible side effects. I will probably keep this dose for at least a couple more weeks before I increase it. You absolutely need to allow your body to adjust. And a wonderful side note – my son has extreme sensitivity as well as gag reflex and he is having no problems consuming the product. I am beyond amazed. I look forward to the tremendous benefits this product is most certainly capable of. As far as price – it simply is not an issue. Sincerely – a VERY EDUCATED INFORMED person.

  12. Judie Cosmos says:

    Thanks you so much for reviews. Though I have had bigtime digestive tract problems, I did start the 3 teaspoons a day right off. Big mistake. You are so right to suggest that anyone with problems go slow and much less! Also I did some other detoxing modalities at same time. Big mistake too, but I was so impressed while taking restore I didn’t need any enzymes or probiotics and didn’t get abdominal pain as usual that I went overboard. Now, I’m taking 7 drops or less before each meal and not doing any other detoxing modalities while taking restore. Learned my lesson but thanks for other people’s experience with restore. So glad I found this wonderful product.

  13. Dani says:

    I’m curious to know what negative side effects have been reported. How would we know if we started with too much?
    If so, is the answer to just back off until we properly titrate up to the suggested dose?

    • Jill R. says:

      Stomach upset, it can make whatever dysbiosis is there a little worse before it gets better. Start slow.

    • Lisa says:

      I would like to know the side effects people are having too. I am having some weird head stuff, not dizzy, but sort of. Definitely off .

      • Ann says:

        I suggest all interested join the various FB groups devoted to hearing of other’s experiences and the feedback that sometimes comes via Dr. Bush. The FB groups are Restore Product Feedback, Restore4life users, and Restore Users. Two are Closed Groups and Restore Users is a Secret Group.

  14. Mimi Johnson says:

    Hi Jill do you have an update on your family and Restore? Tx

  15. Tanya Bilham says:

    Hey, i have damaged nerves in my gut so the peristalis doesn’t work properly. I’ve had to do colonics for years to get anything out and had parasites I couldn’t get rid of for almost 3 years. I finally got rid of them with hard combination anibiotics, only to get a C.deficille infection that has been like lower grade going on in my system for almost a year now. I got them while on hard combination antibiotics, unfortunately no detection but I was getting more than 11 bowel movements a day and flu-like symptoms whenever it gets worse. I took handfuls of probiotics like S.boulardi and the 50 billion Ultimate flora. It brought the symptoms down alot, but also made it undectectable. I have alot of chronic diarrhea, swollen stomach, fluey symptoms when it gets worse, and have tried tons of different natural things. After seven years, my gut is actually moving, but only due to how toxic the C.deficille is. It’s causing alot of chronic fatigue and malabsorption issues. Would Restore be worth taking while taking a natural antimicrobial/fungal like Berbermycine? My naturopath has me on that but so far no difference. Or would it just be better to take when the infection’s gone? I ordered a special electrostimuating device that’s supposed to stimulate the nerves in the bowel and help them move for when the infection is gone. ANy advice on when would be the best time to take something like that?

    • Jill R. says:

      Hmmm, that is a lot! Is your vagal nerve damaged? That would be my first thought. I haven’t tried Restore while taking antimicrobials. I only tried it in the replenish portion of gut healing.

      For vagus nerve toning, look up Trudy Snyder + vagus nerve. It’s a nerve that goes from the gut to the brain through the back of of the throat, so controlled breathing, singing, gargling, even humming help stimulate it for appropriate tone.

      • Mimi Johnson says:

        Jill R I totally agree with you regarding your question!!. Tanya you are working so far down stream trying to correct these gut infections when likely the vagus nerve is damaged and your limbic system may be contributing to the faulty vagus nerve tone. This is likely a more common situation than people realize. If you had ANY trauma in your childhood (divorce, parent illness, physcial trauma, etc…) then your brain is stuck in a trauma loop and the amygdala is in overdrieve releasing stress hormones all the time and faulty signals to the vagus nerve, decreasing motilin in the stomach and slowing paristalsis which causes disbiosis, SIBO and leaky gut. The brain can change the gut. Have a look at the Dynamic Neural Retraining system. We need to change our brains to change our guts! ANd I agree with Jill about the vagus nerve stimulating. but we need to work on the BRAIN

      • Jill R. says:

        Do you have a link for Dynamic Neural Retraining??

      • mimikjohnson says:

        Jill if people want an introduction to the work (but not the work) they can read Wired for Healing, by Annie Hopper

    • PeteC says:

      I would suggest in your case and since you also had c difficils that you go on and get a fecal transplant. In the UK with c. Difficils it is available on the NHS but privately it is also available.

    • Emmy says:

      I live in Europe and here we have no access to stool transplantation like from Open Biome. I am jealous of Americans for this. For you that would be a good option. Do you have reasons not to try this ?
      kind regards , Emmy

  16. Tanya Bilham says:

    Oh wow, thank you Jill and mimikjohnson,
    That gives me alot to research into. It’s actually colonic inertia from herbal cleanses that had stimulant laxatives in it. I had an eating disorder eight years ago that caused my digestion to go bad. I know it sounds lame but I actually didn’t know that was causing it. I thought it was like some weird stomach flu and the homeopath put me on it. Because I wasn’t healing what was causing it, I ended up taking the cleanse for too long (she told me it wouldn’t wreck my bowel but it had cascara sagrada in it and that damaged the nerve endings. From there it only got worse because the only wasy to get a full movement was with more of that. What happens is, if you’ve taken it for an extensive period of time it permanently damages the nerve cells or nerve endings in your colon so they won’t signal peristalsis. I know that’s all connected to the vagus nerve but I think it was just those nerve endings that were damaged because of the laxatives. I will check into that. Do you know if something like that can help with nerves that are dead?
    Thanks so much for your input.

    • mimikjohnson says:

      Hi Tanya! The DNRS and Dr. Joe Dispensa’s Work (Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and You are the Placebo) are on the same track. People go to these workshops (they both have DVD or On line versions of their work too) and they heal recurrent bladder infections, Lyme disease, cancer and spinal injuries and on and on. So, as far as these two are concerned, the body becomes our mind, and we live our old thoughts and patterns and our old brain wireing. We have to lose our old mind and gain a new way of thinking, to heal the body. I dont even know where to begin to explain really as I am just starting myself. Good Luck!

  17. Tony says:

    Has anyone had an outbreak of eczema and/or keratosis as a die off reaction to taking Restore?

    • Is anyone there? I keep posting and nothing ever shows up? YES PEOPLE WITH CANDIDA/ECZEMA may get much worse! I DID!!! I was doing so good too!! INSOMNIA GOT HORRIBLE, CONSTIPATION, and the rash MUCH WORSE!!! I didn’t listen to my therapist! SHE tested it didn’t test good for me but I couldn’t believe it after reading and listening. I paid the price. I concluded it must have the same frequency as some of the candida/mold?? or ?? I didn’t see this post to start out slow either. in any case i stopped! slept better , constipation better, but rash is still going on…1 day/night it was ok but still dealing with it!

  18. dolores says:

    Can it cause worsened fatigue, and sleepiness?

  19. melindahemmelgarn says:

    As a dietitian, I am concerned re safety.


    I figured this product might be a source of pro and prebiotics, but it’s not. I would like to see NIH funded published research on the success of this treatment — double blind cross over studies.

    At this point, it might be a better investment to purchase organic food, and perhaps a probiotic supplement.
    I’ll forward this product information to the research team at to see if we can find more data.

    Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D.

    • Jill R. says:

      Someone sent me the first link before. One of the safety tests that the folks at Restore conducted was growing kidney tubules in a Restore medium, which appears to disprove the threat to renal health.

      I’ll forward the second article to someone at the company (I’m an independent blogger). But the first one isn’t one I’m comfortable using as a reference. That writer seems to be very anti supplement to start with and makes recommendations based on breadth of the product line vs. quality of the product. To my mind, choosing an organic option does make a difference. And it will be a long time before the NIH does any kind of double blind, placebo controlled test of supplements. (A friend of mine is an epidemiologist and used to work for the NIH. Based on her experiences, I don’t have as much faith in them as you appear to have.)

      The Restore product is closer to soil-based organisms, but is neither a probiotic nor a prebiotic.

      Have you watched the video that’s linked in one of the comments above? As a dietician I’m sure you’re aware of the link between a healthy biome, gut health and mental health. Choosing food without glyphosate contamination is a first step, but it’s not enough. Seriously, take a look at the mechanics of Restore for improving tight junctions and reducing zonulin production.

      It doesn’t work for everyone, but that’s not unexpected. I have a family of highly sensitive and reactive people. I don’t throw things at them willy-nilly. Orlando Police Chief John Mina said an off-duty police officer working security at the club in uniform traded gunfire with the attacker.

    • Jill R. says:

      Ignore the weird cut and paste at the end there!!

  20. ConsumerLab has posted this:
    It requires a paid subscription, which I don’t have, to access the full response. I follow a number of health bloggers who all keep up with gut-related issues and have found no info on this supplement on their websites so far. They do all recommend PrescriptAssist in certain situations. PrescriptAssist is also “soil-based.” I am interested in Restore, but I think I will wait until I read about it from one of my trusted sources.

  21. Kim Dean says:

    The portion of the video I am concerned with is how exactly restore improves tight junctions. The video explains why they are important but not how, in a scientific manner, the product works. This is the only reason I’m skeptical. He does such a great job explaining the science of the why, but does not follow through with the how. Or maybe I missed that part. It seems too good to be true.

  22. Rebecca says:

    I have a question: I started taking the product and I experienced some blistering of my bottom lip…Is this a normal negative effect or am I just allergic to this supplement?

  23. Joe says:

    Hi, what time frames are we looking at, to get a gut healed, of course, every situation is different, but on average.? thanks

  24. Rhonwen says:

    Wondering if anyone ever saw what the ConsumerLab report said and how reliable their reports are?

  25. Preston says:

    Ann, are you a member of the Facebook secret group Restore Users? I would like to be added to that group and being added by a current member is the only way to join a secret group. I have joined the other 2 closed groups as of today. Thanks to everyone for their comments on this blog, especially to Jill for starting it. I have spent so many years trying to fix my gut issues. I constantly read and research and try different products, protocols, etc like it’s a part-time job. I honestly don’t know how I only learned about the Restore product just a month ago, but I read and researched every single piece of information I could get about it and then purchased a bottle of it. I am going in to my 3rd week of taking it, and will say that the difference it’s made is quite amazing. After all the reading I did up front, I decided to go with the full-on dosing (1 tsp/3x daily) on the first day. I did this because of how far I’ve come over the years in attempting to heal myself and I’m in tune with my body enough to believe my gut (pun) feeling that I could handle it (re: … I’ve had no dairy whatsoever in 11 years, no gluten whatsover in 6 years, have taken high-quality pre and pro biotics for many years, eat somewhere between 80-90% organic , lots of clean water every day , more than adequate daily fiber, appropriate amounts of high-quality vitamins/minerals , organic herb supplements, spirulina, cholorophyll, chorella….. I could go on). The point is, I felt I could tolerate it, and I did. Very well, actually. And it’s made a huge difference in the way that I feel so far, including better digestion and overall better feeling after having eaten. I have never seen a naturopath or functional medicine doctor, so I have never had an actual professional diagonis of leaky guy, SIBO, malapsorption, candida, etc. But I read and reasearch enough and belong to enough forums that I knew what was wrong with me. I have done all of the ‘good’ parts of my daily routine (as described above) and they helped tremendously, but still didn’t cure my issues 100%. One of the biggest indicators of leaky gut is ‘suddenly’ becoming intolerant/allergic to the ‘Big 8’ common allergens. This had already happened to me with gluten and dairy. Next was alcohol, when out of nowhere, I would begin to sneeze uncontrollably and then have a stuffy nose and feel tired after having a glass of (my beloved) red wine. Next came eggs…and then grains. Again, Restore has made a tremendous difference so far in so many ways. What I cannot report on at this point is whether or not I can go back to eating any of the food types (above) with no issues. I am only entering my 3rd week of using Restore. I tried to add a couple of eggs into my breakfast the other day, and I’m not ready yet. Many users on Restore blogs report that they are able to tolerate foods again that their bodies had learned to reject. I will have to wait and see. I will try one of the foods again at the 1-month mark and see what happens. Another way Restore helped me is with chronic heartburn. I had been given a PPI by my primary physician many years ago and took it daily, and had no issues. But in all of my research (cannot stress how important it is to read and research!), I learned that the most common reason for heartburn was TOO LITTLE stomach acid….NOT TOO MUCH. The PPI was one of the primary contributors to my entire digestive system ending up in the leaky gut state, because there was absolutley NO acid in my stomach to break down food, so all of the undigested food continued to the small intestine, and then to the large intestine. Along with leaky gut, this caused malabsorption of vitamins, minerals, etc. I began using HCL pills at meals along with my enzyme. I could never seem to get the dosage quite right. Sometimes it would help, other times it would not. 3 weeks into Restore, I do not even take the HCL tablets anymore. I have been able to down a couple of turkey burgers one night and a 12-oz ribeye on another night, with almost NO heartburn ( say almost because normally proteins would cause crazy heart burn. Within 30 min to an hour after eating, the only thing that would help was 3/4 to a full teaspoon of baking soda in water; now, 3 weeks into Restore, with no HCL, after high-protein meals, I get no actual heartburn, although I can tell it is tryin to develop with a little mucous/congestion and the ever so slightest ‘tinge’ of heartburn feeling, but I can take 1/8 tsp of baking soda and it clears it up; hopefully, I won’t even need that soon). Sorry so long. Wasn’t my original intention, but started writing and it all came out. Bottom line – Restore can work and is worth a try if you suffer from any of the things I’ve written about here. You choose the pace/dosing that works for you. I’m just sharing my own story. And if it can help someone, then it was worth all the typing.

    • Preston says:

      I forgot to check the box “Noftify for new comments,” so I had to enter this short post to receive them on the thread. Sorry…. 🙂

  26. Preston says:

    I forgot to check the box “Noftify for new comments,” so I had to enter this short post to receive them on the thread. Sorry…. 🙂

  27. Jules says:

    I’ve been taking Restore for 2 weeks now and despite starting the regime slowly my gut pain is worse ?
    Advice would be welcome as I really need to heal my leaky gut?

  28. Ann says:

    Preston, sorry, just seeing this but heading out of town for the day. Will read your post in full and get back to this thread.

  29. Susan Shields says:

    Thank you. I have heard LOTS of good things about Restore from my friends. Starting taking it today with one teaspoon once a day. I love your advice
    Go low – go slow

    • Ann says:

      Susan, it might be more reasonable to divide your dose to 3x/day, 30′ prior to each meal, so Restore can close the tight junctions before consuming food as opposed to a full teaspoon once a day. Go low and slow on dosage if need be but allow it to protect your gut lining before foods. Dr Bush suggests a week at a time on a particular dose if one has sensitive gut. If you can move faster, that’s fine but everyone’s different

  30. darlene hikkett says:

    Has anyone with sibo used Restore and if so what were your results?

  31. Mihaela Rusu says:

    Hello, I am trying to find the group on FB regarding Restore.. I am not sure if someone needs to add my name, kindly guide me , please.
    My son is 9, I have this product recommended by our doctor, we started already but I am noticing a few strange reactions, and I am not sure if is the product or the fact that our naturopath combined this product wih other antifungal herbs and lyme supplements … I need to get connected with a community using Restore and see how I can incorporate all these supplemnets in my son’s diet to benefit from and create less aggravations. He suggested 2 teaspoon a day, I started with 1 teaspoon, and now reading more, maybe I am not doing the right thing. We are on diet and everything for 6 years and things are not resolving. My son is in the spectrum and most of his problem are worse when “bad buggs” are having a party… so I need to address that and heal the gut.

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