Food and travel, food allergies, and hospital food

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to eat in a way that won’t render me incapacitated when I travel outside my little bubble of Whole Foods and safe gluten-free and Paleo-friendly restaurants. A two-night excursion to Sacramento included a stop at Gluten- Free Specialty market and a bag packed with almond butter and GF bread. For two days I can live off salads and almond butter sandwiches.

For my upcoming trip to Chicago (Autism One, woot woot!), I’m planning on packing some protein shakes, almonds, and GF crackers. I’ve stayed at the hotel before and know I can manage with omelettes, bunkess burgers and salads.

My trip to the south of France in June is looming, but I’ve communicated all my food allergies to the tour director and I’m packing Bulletproof bars. The tour leader said they’ve got a couple of gluten-free bakeries for bread 😍😍 and she’s very familiar with dealing with food allergies. If I have to live off omelettes and salads, so be it!

Apparently it’s Food Allergy Awareness week. Here’s a blog I wrote over at Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Why My Kid’s Food Allergies Are Ruining Your Party. 

Food allergies are increasing  and we’re not looking at why. There’s a study that explains how researchers create animal models of food allergies for study by injecting aluminum hydroxide and deactivated pertussis and follow up with food proteins. THIS IS HOW THEY MAKE FOOD ALLERGIES IN MICE. The also use the toxin + pertussis model for creating encephalopathy in lab rats. Apparently, it’s a real thing.

I know my children aren’t mice, but if this is how scientists create problems in rodents so they can extrapolate their finding to humans, how is it that their model of creating the problem in the first places suddenly doesn’t work in people?  Because you can be damn sure kids are getting exposed to aluminum adjuvents in close proximity to a DTaP and then maybe they get a flu shot cultured with egg proteins…

And finally, hospital food.  I’m in the hospital with my middle son for a 48-hour in-unit EEG.  This is the snack the nurse brought him:

Breakfast was fried French toast sticks with margarine and high-fructose corn syrup “Pancake syrup” and a scrambled egg, Cheerios, 4 packets of sugar and a low-fat milk.  The American Dietetics Association needs to go back to school. (rant over)

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Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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1 Response to Food and travel, food allergies, and hospital food

  1. Linda says:

    Hospital food is truly yucky. And I still rember waking up in the hospial thinking there was an earthquake but it was just the food cart rumbling by.

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