Ear Ache 911 Rescue

You’ll need garlic, olive oil, dry rice, and a spare sock…


My youngest woke up at midnight last night screaming in pain. His ear hurt–a LOT! His allergies have been kicking up with our early spring, coupled with a day spent at camp in the woods and a long soak in the tub for a very filthy kid, his little ear decided to protest at its poor treatment.

I ran down to my cupboard of mom’s witchy goodness and came up short. No pulsatilla. And no mullein oil drops.

I did have olive oil and garlic. I crushed one clove and let it sit for a few seconds to release the sulfur, heated about 1tbsp of oil on low heat and tossed the crushed garlic clove in.

I set it aside to cool a bit and grabbed a lone sock (we have a pile so I sorted through for an extra soft one), filled it about halfway full with dry, uncooked rice. And honestly, it doesn’t matter what type. It was midnight and I think I grabbed sushi rice.

I secured the top with a rubber band, folded over the top to cover the rubber band, then heated it for about a minute in the microwave. I sprinkled a few drops of lavender essential oil on it.

I use a Q-tip to place 3-4 drops of the garlic oil in his sore ear and had him lay with that ear up so the oil would stay put.

The sock full of rice held against the sure ear was for comfort. I used a little jojoba oil with another drop of lavender to massage around the ear, moving in a downward motion to support lymph drainage.

A melatonin and a foot rub got him back to sleep eventually and when he woke up at 7 am…no ear ache!!

For the record, that’s 2-for-2 in the past few months. My kiddo told me he’s going to do the SAME thing for his kids when they get ear aches.

About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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