Eczema miracle, and I do mean miracle!


Last week a post appeared in my Facebook feed promising a homemade cream that would help cure eczema.  I saved it, bought the ingredients, mixed it up…and WOW!!  Now I can’t find who posted it in the first place to thank them.

However, I was able to thank the original poster, Shaye at The Elliot Homestead blog. She has a lovely blog, chock-a-block full with recipes, tips, homemade remedies, and pictures.

I have had eczema on and off my whole life.  My mom likes to tell me how she’d slather me head to toe with hydrocortisone cream, wrap me in Saran wrap, then pop me in my baby jammies.  When I was 14 and we moved to Atlanta–and before we figured out I was allergic to the whole city–I was COVERED in eczema.  For the past 2 years, 2 YEARS, I have had horrible, hideous, terrible, no good, very bad eczema on my arms and hands.

I have seen 2 naturopaths, 2 holistic MDs, and 1 dermatologist.  I have changed all the soaps and detergents, lotions, shampoos, etc., in the house. I have tried 5 different kinds of gloves. I have changed my diet radically; taken probiotics; taken antihistamines; avoided everything I’ve ever suspected as being an allergen; treated adrenal fatigue; tried several homeopathic remedies; stayed out of the sun; sun bathed strategically; tried prescription steroid cream–that came with a warning not to touch my children when I used it; tried every over-the-counter remedy available in the greater Bay Area; and cried over it.

But three days of this lovely little cream with essential oils has turned it around!  Rejoice!  Let the angels sing!

I wish I’d taken Before photos, but I really had no hope that it would work.  Silly girl, there’s always some kind of hope…


See that pink patch on my wrist?  Two days ago that was an very angry, very itchy red patch.  All I have done is use this lovely little cream.

So, direct from The Elliot Homestead, I share Miracle Eczema Cream:

Homemade Eczema Cream
You will need:
– 1/2 cup shea butter
– 20 drops geranium essential oil
– 30 drops cedarwood essential oil
– 20 drops lavendar essential oil

Mix it all together.  My shea butter was soft enough to scoop out of the jar and mix with a spoon.  If it’s too hard, you could try putting the jar in a bowl of warm water or perhaps microwave it for a few seconds to melt it.

This little (ha! this has been like a plague!) victory has encouraged me to investigate essential oils.  What other miracles do they hold?

About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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1 Response to Eczema miracle, and I do mean miracle!

  1. Kimberly Ram says:

    Wahoo! That is fantastic!! So so happy for you and as always so impressed by your perseverance. You inspire me to keep going!

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