Top Ten Movies of 2013–A Special Guest Post

(Any excuse to post a picture of this year’s mom-crush, Benedict Cumberbatch.)

Today’s post is written by a special year-end guest: my 16 year old son, code named Connor. (You know, the kid who recovered from autism.) A movie critic in the making, Connor put his Top Ten list together for an on-line discussion. I felt it deserved a bit more that a spot in a YouTube comments exchange.

Happy New Year from Recovery Road! May the Road rise to greet you in the new year!

10. The World’s End
Hilarious and very touching, Simon Pegg giving the best performance of career, conveying the importance of the maturity within oneself, as well as moving on from the past. A more-than-appropriate end to the best unofficial movie trilogy out there.

9. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
A quiet, sincere, original, relatable and stylized vision of the common man’s life, as well as the importance one might not know is within oneself.

8. Man Of Steel
A top-notch superhero origin story that I felt was a few tiers above Batman Begins, with genuine performances, in conjunction with a couple of particularly powerful moments, and the best action I’ve ever seen. Henry Cavill IS Kal-El, and no one else will be for a long time.

7. Star Trek: Into Darkness
A fantastic continuation of a classic franchise, a movie that I liked even more than the first, which was great. The character arcs better, the performances more subtle, and the emotional tone raised, along with Benedict Cumberbatch killing it in the first of my two favorite villain roles of the year.

6. Captain Phillips
A relevant and incredibly intense flick, a mature look on cultural naivety and fear, and as good a job as Tom Hanks does in this movie, the fact that this is the first performance for every pirate in this movie, as well as having to one-up and intimidate Tom Hanks, that’s impressive. Barkhad Abdi is extremely talented.

5. The Wolf Of Wall Street
I agree that this movie had the best dialogue of any movie this year, and it is absolutely hysterical and, at times, seductive, in that really hypocritical sense. When it finished I thought ‘I guess I’m not as good a human being as I thought, because, this stuff that they’re doing isn’t that bad…..’ yeah actually, it really is.

4. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug
A vast improvement on the slightly long, yet extremely solid and entertaining, first entry, and another holy grail for Middle-Earth fans, like me, with Cumberbatch killing it (again) in the second of my two favorite villain roles of the year (played by the same person, who’da thought?).

3. 12 Years A Slave
A perfect introduction to one of the most savage and brutal eras in the history of the world, inviting you to look more into such disgusting nature, with Oscar worthy performances across the board…………………….with Cumberbatch killing it again (okay, I have a man-crush on this dude, alright?).

2. The Place Beyond The Pines
To quote some other critic’s review ‘an epic of fathers, sons and consequences.’ Couldn’t be more correct. This movie has more tear-worthy moments than any movie I’ve seen all year, a three-act masterpiece. I have never, ever in my life seen a film with as many broken human beings as this movie does.

1. Gravity
The most deliciously entertaining movie I’ve seen all year, with excellent performances (all 2 of them), phenomenal editing, and one of the most lonely senses of place I’ve experienced in any form of entertainment. Gravity is not only the most stunning movie I’ve seen in 2013; it is the most visually pleasing cinematic theater experience I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on in my entire life.


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