Muffin! Muffin! Who’s Got The Muffin!

I know there are a bazillion recipes out there for gluten-free muffins, but sometimes, let’s face it, the list of ingredients can be intimidating, if not overwhelming. And depending on how precise you are with measuring…well, sometimes things like xanthan gum can backfire.

Enter King Arthur Gluten-Free Muffin Mix. I’ve made this mix up several times, several variations of add-ins and each and every time the muffins are fantastic. King Arthur Flour Company got it right. They are light and fluffy with lovely crumb and absolutely zero grit.

The muffins pictured below are cinnamon zucchini-pear. The directions allow for 1.5 cups of add-ins. I grated 1 peeled zucchini and 2 pears and mixed in 2 tsp cinnamon. A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar before baking gave the snickerdoodle topping. Blueberries are an especially good add-in. Definitely get a couple of boxes to have on hand for holiday baking these are good enough to pass for regular old gluten bombs.

Thumbs up from my whole GF clan.


About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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