Eating Out Gluten-Free in the ‘Hood


A few days ago a friend asked for pointers on eating out and/or fast meals for when you simply can’t deal with cooking a meal.

For me, that would be weekend dinners. And breakfast…and lunch.

We are in Palo Alto, CA.  Here are some of our go-to places.  Reminder: we are gluten sensitive, not celiac.  Please use your best judgement and ask the questions you need to feel comfortable eating out. Many of these restaurants are local chains, a few have locations all over the country.  To find something close to home, try Google:  gluten-free + your city.

I’ve also had good luck using the Google Local app and searching “gluten-free.”


Domino’s Pizza
And they deliver!  One of my kids gets his pizza with no cheese.  Hey, that’s the way he likes it.

Amici’s Pizza
This one’s kind of pricey, but they also offer Daiya non-dairy cheese and deliver salads and chilled broccoli.

Blue Line Pizza
They have curbside pick up.  Call and they bring the pizza to you!

Palo Alto Pizza Company
My favorite and it comes in sizes.

Pizz’a Chicago

Tony and Alba’s


Two words: burrito bowl.  I think everything but the tortilla they wrap the burritos in is GF.  Oh, another word: guacamole. And I can eat grain free here.

Los Altos Taqueria
Local and yummy.


Get your burgers protein style and/or pack your own Udi’s buns (I always go drive-thru anyway, so no one sees).  Also, the Flying Dutchman on the secret menu is 2 patties with cheese.  Fries are GF, just fried potatoes with salt.

The Counter
I can’t tell you how much I love The Counter.  It gets busy, but they do a nice carry out dinner.  They make burgers (or chicken…) in a bowl with greens or a GF bun.  Sweet potato fries are seriously good.  Easiest way I know to eat out and stay Paleo.

REALLY good GF buns.


PF Chang’s
The Sunnyvale location has curbside pick up.

Green Elephant
Local delivery!

Asian Box

OK, my kids don’t eat here, but I do when I’m out running errands.

Other places:

Amber Bites Cafe
We’re regulars.

Tava’s Indian Kitchen

Kara’s Cupcakes

Zest Bakery
In San Carlos, but worth the drive every now and again.  They have a freezer with GF pizza crust and ravioli.

LYFE Kitchen

Rumor has it they have GF cookies on the menu.  I’m not willing to wait in the block-long line, though.

We’re regulars here, too. They have a GF menu, Udi’s bread and buns and pancakes!

Stacks (Redwood City only)
WAFFLES!  And the sweetest waitress in the world, Jilly.  I go with the eggs and chicken-apple sausages.  Really, really good eggs.


Bon appétit!

About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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3 Responses to Eating Out Gluten-Free in the ‘Hood

  1. Love this list of local gluten-free eateries! You’ve mentioned several of our favorites and identified some more that we will have to try soon. Also, I’m pretty sure the Stacks in Campbell does GF also.

  2. Jennie Morton says:

    Hi! I’m Kathy’s little sister and she shared this link with me. Like her, I’ve tried a lof of these, but not all. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Here are some other places I can share with you. I don’t know how particular you are about gluten contamination, so please always do your homework before you try some place.

    For more of a treat, there’s Calafia in Palo Alto. They tend to be fairly knowledgable about which dishes have gluten in them.

    Patxi’s Pizza also has GF pizza:

    Cuban food at La Bodeguita:
    Okay, so maybe you won’t be able to get your kids to eat there, but it could be worth a try?? I’ve only been there once, but they had a separate card that lists which dishes had which allergens, not just gluten.

    Flour Chylde Bakery: They’re based in Novato, but they go to the Mt. View farmer’s market on Sundays. These are some of the BEST GF desserts I’ve ever had! They tend to be sickly sweet, though, so be warned. But the variety is HUGE.

  3. Jennie Morton says:

    Oh! And this isn’t healthy at all, and it’s all the way in SF, but these GF donuts are soooo good. A coworker has brought them into the office a couple times and it’s always a big treat. Dynamo Donuts:

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