Happy Father’s Day Menu


If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the path to my husband’s heart is paved with gravy, red wine, and a good stinky cheese.

Our menu:

Roast Chicken with gravy
Mushroom risotto
Sautéed baby spinach
Flour-less chocolate cake from Trader Joe’s

Our gluten-free Father’s Day dinner rounds out the trifecta with 2 more a
favorites: mushroom risotto and a flour-less chocolate cake. Yum!

Super Easy Roast Chicken


• One 3-4 lb organic chicken, giblets, etc., removed, rinsed
• 1 tsp sea salt
• 1 tsp Adobo seasoning
• 1/2 tsp black pepper
• 1/2 tsp ground sage


• Preheat oven to 350
• Grease roasting pan. I use a Pyrex dish with high sides.
• Mix spices and salt together. Rub on chicken
• Place chicken breast side down.
• Roast for 20 mins per pound. A 3 lb chicken will be 60 mins, a 4 lb chicken will be 80 mins. Let rest 5 minutes before carving.

Mushroom Risotto


• 1 and 1/2 c dried arborio rice
• 4 c. chicken broth
• 2 tbsp ghee, divided
• 1 tbsp olive oil
• 20 oz sliced mushrooms (I used the big package of pre-sliced crimini mushrooms from Trader Joes)
• 1 clove garlic, finely minced
• 1 tbsp dried parsley
• 3/4 c. grated cheese (I used a mix of asiago and parmagiano)


• Heat broth in a large sauce pan.
• In a large skillet or thick-bottomed pot, heat 1 tbsp ghee. When melted, add garlic, clean sliced mushrooms. Add in batches, don’t crowd the pan.
• After all mushrooms cooked, add dried parsley. Cook for addition 1-2 mins. Put mushrooms in bowl. Set aside.
• Melt 1 tbsp ghee and add 1 tbsp olive oil to pan you just emptied–keep all the bits of cooked mushroom, garlic, parsley that stayed in pan.
• Add dry rice. Cook dry rice in oil for 3-4 minutes.
• Start adding hot chicken broth 1/2 c at a time. Stir frequently, adding more broth as it’s absorbed into the rice.
• Add mushrooms when you’re about half way through the broth.
• When rice is cooked through after about 15-20 mins–get a small spoon and taste it!–add shredded cheese, mix thoroughly, then cover with heat off to finish cooking.


About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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