Roasted Corn with Lime

I didn’t set out to post a lot of recipes, but a lot of the feedback I got when I was running support groups–and what I bump up against–was fundamental: “how do you feed your kids on a gluten free diet?”

This one is a street food steal. If you are dairy free, leave off the sour cream. You can also sub out the sour cream for cotija cheese or queso fresca.

If you feel adventurous, you can roast the corn on the grill. This is a skillet method. Fast and yummy!

Roasted Corn with Lime


• 1 lb organic corn
• 1 Tbsp ghee or oil of choice
• 1/2 tsp sea salt
• 1/2 fresh lime

• Hot sauce — we use Cholula or Pepper Plant
• Sour cream
• Cotija cheese
• Chopped cilantro
• Diced avocado


• Melt ghee in large skillet
• Cook corn thoroughly, don’t stir it for a few minutes so it caramelizes. maybe 5 minutes total.
• Add salt and lime juice.
• Serve and garnish.


About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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