Taming the Sugar Beast

This is my kid’s idea of “no” candy!

I’ve been listening to a series of lectures from the 2012 Westin A. Price Foundation Conference. The theme was nutrition and behavior. The conference was 10 miles from my house.

I am kicking myself for not going.

The $40 I spent on a share of the complete audio has been worth every single penny. However, all the speakers reference all the goodies to be found in the exhibitor hall. Dang it! It was a pricey conference, though, so I will take what I can and happily share any pearls of wisdom.

I enjoyed Sally Fallon Morel’s talk, but I am enthralled with Julia Ross, author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure. She talks about using a traditional diet–think Weston A Price or paleo–as the foundation for good health and using targeted amino acids to address mood and behavior issues…things like depression, anxiety, poor impulse control, hyperactivity, sugar seeking behavior, etc.

She is a psychotherapist who specializes in addiction and the addicted brain. She makes a very strong case for sugar addiction. And having watched one of my own kids scale the upper kitchen cabinets in search of sugar, I see her point!

Ross advises using single dose, targeted amino acids, including L-glutamine and L-tyrosine for sugar cravings and focus, respectively.

I am entirely intrigued. Especially the idea that the sugar cravings simply disappear with the appropriate supplements. I’ve been able to cut back on my kids’s sugar at home, but they sneak it every chance they get. When we go to the arcade, the quarters meant for the Justice League game or Spongebob Racing somehow end up in the Candy Crane. Over and over… Cutting back on the supply has done nothing to diminish the demand. And, frankly, I just don’t need to weather the agony of them going medieval on me because I went cold turkey on them.

So I am going to embark on a little experiment with my guys: I’m going to introduce L-glutamine. I may eventually try some of the others, especially since I hear the siren call of The Mood Cure (buy it! buy it!) and play housemother to anxiety and depression. I’m also going to finish reading The Diet Cure and incorporate Ross’s suggestions into my own diet and supplement regimen.

She even suggests that kids who have very limited diets will expand their food repertoires with depletion of the appropriate amino acids, L-glutamine and L-tryptophan. I know! Right?? I have a kid who eats 5 things…that would be magic!

Updates to follow!

This is an entire 90 min lecture on YouTube:

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