O Holy Crap

I’ve been listening to Christmas music all week while I clean the kitchen and cook.  My favorite song is “O Holy Night,” especially the version sung by Josh Groban.

But today I have a new version.

O Holy Crap 

O Holy Crap, the stars align agaiiiiinst us,
Another code for our in-sur-ance claim.
Meds twice a day, beware of Stevens-Johnson,
Although he’s top of the safe dosage range.
The thrill of hope, a weary mom rejoices,
Will this one help? Are answers near at hand?
Faaaaaaallll on my kneeeeees.
Oh heed the warning labels,
Oh one more thing!
Oh crap! There’s more to learn.
All night! No sleeeeeep! All night, mom’s Googling.   

My 8 year old just got tagged with an epilepsy diagnosis.  Nothing has changed, we’ve just pinned down a diagnosis.  No surprise to me.  Been expecting it.  Now we’ve got the label and I just need to sit with the weight of it for a day or two.  Basically, he has had several minor seizures over the past few years.  His seizures are all on the right side of the brain (see picture in the header), so they are called complex partial seizures. We’ve been treating the symptoms for a while, so not much more to do than a little medication tweaking.

I just dragged myself out of the pits of mommy despair from facing down the potential ADHD label for my baby.  (The kindergarten teacher, BTW, has made a formal request for assessment.)  Now my middle baby has a bigger burden to bear.  No time to wallow.  Must get cracking, dontcha know.

My plan:

  • Add taurine
  • Add MCT oil
  • Look into neurofeedback…again
  • Look into ketogenic diet

About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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