Briefly, what we did

What worked:—
  • —Diet!!
  • —Antifungals, antibiotics
  • —Probiotics
  • —Digestive enzymes (I tried 8 different ones!)
  • —Antioxidants, including IV glutathione
  • —Methyl B12 injections with folinic acid
  • —Detoxification and chelation
  • —Secretin IVs
  • Cranial-sacral therapy
  • —Nasal oxytocin spray
  • —Traditional osteopathy
  • —Acupuncture
  • —Classical homeopathy
  • —Combination homeopathy
  • Energy healing/BodyTalk
  • —BioSET
  • —Herbs, vitamins, minerals (especially magnesium!!)
  • —Epsom salt baths
  • —Prayer in any and all forms!
What didn’t work so well:
  • —Specific Carbohydrate Diet – too many allergens
  • —Cod Liver Oil
  • —Amphotericin B
  • —Miralax
  • —B6 – it took 5 years of biomed intervention before I was able to introduce it successfully
…no wonder I’m tired.

About Jill R.

Mom, mostly tired, to 3 boys, mostly wired. Pretty much obsessed with healing foods for healthy brains.
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5 Responses to Briefly, what we did

  1. Ellie says:

    Did you also do the usual ST/OT/PT/ABA?
    We are just starting this journey. I’m looking for any help I can find! My son Is starting a study to treat oxidative stress with broad spectrum supplementation. Which will include B12, Folinic acid and others. He is 4 and just dx’d.

    • Jill R. says:

      We did lots of OT–up to 4x a week, speech therapy–individual and group, and Floortime. ABA was too rigid for my inflexible kid

      • ellie says:

        I am struggling with making decisions. We have a waiver program in my home state, free through a Medicaid type program. But it’s a min 20 hours a week max 30 in addition to FT day preschool that he attends. That would be him working an additional 3 hours a day after school every day.

  2. ellie says:

    Hi Jill, it’s me again. My son has been gfcf for 5 months, we saw improvement in focus, attitude, and attn. when we started that. We have not seen a decrease in sensory seeking or sleep issues. Recently we started a month’s course of antibiotics and Diflucan. He had elevated ASO on bloodwork so doc wanted to start amox. He slept 17 nights in a row w/o waking. I cannot explain what a dramatic change that is!!! I feel this is a huge step in the right direction for us. However, no way to know if it’s the amox or the Diflucan helping. Initially, his behavior was horrible, and he was irritable, and even had vomiting one morning for a few hours– maybe die off? Now he has evened out. Still haven’t seen a real decrease in sensory– chewing on things, verbal stims. Any thoughts? I saw that antifungals/abx were a big hitters for you.
    ‘Thanks for your time, I’m desperate to figure this out a little more.

    • Jill R. says:

      Wow! Definitely he’s a kiddo with dysbiosis (gut flora out of balance) if he responded like that. Yes, that sounds like a nasty die off, too. And going from no sleep to sleeping 17 nights in a row is HUGE! I bet you feel better, too. Activated charcoal given 2 hours away from the meds will help with die off.

      I’d start with some probiotics when you wrap up the abx to repopulate the gut with good guys.

      The sensory and stimming pieces may take longer. The chewing decreased with yeast treatment for my kids (3 for 3 chewed their shirts up). Also getting the right mineral balance can help. We found magnesium very helpful. I’ve heard zinc can be helpful for mouthing as well. If there’s an anxiety component to it, magnesium again, Epsom salt baths, deep pressure input from OT–things like weighted blankets, joint compression.

      Remember it’s a process. And it sounds like your son is feeling better.

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