Thank you!

I have so many reasons to be thankful this year. My family, my home, my puppy, my improving health. Also, I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Thinking Moms’ Revolution. It’s a dream come true in many ways–advocacy at a national level, a virtual sisterhood, and a BOOK!!

I’m thankful this little blog has passed 10,000 views. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to give back with a copy of the BOOK.

Jennifer Brook is the winner of a copy of Evolution of the Revolution: From Hope to Healing.

Thank you for reading!

Recovery Road


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Low Fuss, Low Stress Gluten-Free Holiday Meal

Originally posted on Recovery Road:

My kids are not “holiday ready.” Disruptions to the routine + intense anticipation + heightened sensory stimulation + extra treats = disaster.   And that’s Mommy.  Throw some ADHD, ODD, and a soupcon of stress-triggered seizures into the mix and you get fireworks.  Not the good kind.

To keep things manageable, we keep our holidays very low key.  This year on Thanksgiving, my husband took the boys out in the morning so I could cook, we swapped at a neutral location and then took our typical Divide and Conquer approach:  My husband took our oldest to a movie and I took the little guys to the beach.  (Dear God, I really love living in California.  It was a spectacular day! Thank you!)

We met at home for dinner.  At the standard time.  Even then, it was too much for my 8 year old and he coped by playing restaurant so…

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Almost 10K visits! PAR-TAY!

This is just a little blog, my little engine that could. But I’m closing in on 10,000 page visits. Thank you!

To celebrate I’m giving away a copy of Team TMR’s Evolution of the Revolution: From Hope to Healing. To enter, just enter the rafflecopter below before November 26! And THANK YOU!


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Egg-Free Mayo

Apparently Hellmann’s in having a snit because Just Mayo couldn’t possibly be mayonnaise because it’s egg free. My take? Hellmann’s is having a snit because Just Mayo could take a serious dent in their business. It’s that good. Oh, and it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and EGG FREE! #winning!

Hampton Creek, the makers of Just Mayo, also offers chipotle and sriracha flavored mayo.

I’ve made chicken salad with it as well turkey and pepper jack sandwiches on Udi’s GF bread and I’ve been really, really pleased with this mayo.

Get some!

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I’ve been wanting to get one of these babies. Huge deal on it on Amazon today. I really want to try sweet potatoes in it.

Links through Amazon Smile for Thinking Moms’ Revolution.

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Ditch the Teflon!

Teflon is bad, bad, bad for you*. But how do you cook an egg? A pancake?

1. A well seasoned and maintained cast iron pan
2. One of the new PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic pans

I don’t have a cast iron pan (it didn’t survive our many moves), so I rely on ceramic “green” pans. They don’t last forever, so I like to pick them up when they’re on sale. Also, save the ceramic pans for pancakes and eggs! I also follow the “hot pan, cold oil, food won’t stick” mantra when using stainless steel pans. I have 2 Calphalon stainless steel pans that I use for just about everything EXCEPT pancakes and eggs.

There are a few on sale on Amazon (links through the Amazon Smile for Thinking Moms’ Revolution),so I thought I’d give you a heads up in case you want to try it out.

And never use metal utensils on your green pans. I like to use bamboo or silicone.

* Really, really bad for you

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Those dreamy, delicious sweet potatoes again

This time I used rounds and baked them extra long at 400 degrees so they were a little crispy.

Toss together:

Sweet potatoes
Olive oil
Pumpkin pie spice

I didn’t even measure this time, just sprinkled it on and mixed it together, spread it in a single layer on a greased baking sheet.

My husband’s evening snack:


Roasted broccolini, sweet potato rounds, and an organic honey crisp apple.

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